Full-featured Control Panels

You can manage all aspects of your hosting company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With our powerful control panel softwares   cPanel And WebHostManager 



 If you have a problem and can't answer it. We will never disappoint You for any reason. We also include in the reseller packages an extensive help guide with Reseller Flash Tutorials to help you get started.

State of Our Data Center

The Art data center offer us complete redundancy through multiple lines with total bandwidth over 13000 Mbit/s. This make our data center one of the fastest in the WORLD !
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Best Server Hardware

Site Department uses only top-of-the-line DELL Dual XEON based servers. Each server has SCSI hard drives and at least 2GB of system memory. Our hardware is chosen specifically for its reliability and interoperability with Red HatEnterprise Linux our preferred high-performance , open-source Unix operating system.

Servers Status
Server 1

Server 2



Our Servers Are in state-of-the-art data centers in Houston, Texas. This DataCenter offer 100,000 square feet of web hosting space, and each features redundant UPS, generator backup and smoke detection/fire protection systems. location is under 24/7 camera surveillance and armed guard patrol.

Art-DataCenter is connected to the Internet through 14 Gigabit Ethernet links from six separate backbone providers. As of May 2004, They are home to over 20,000 Windows and Linux web servers, which makes state-of-the-art data centers the world's largest dedicated web hosting provider.


 Data Center  - WebCams. Click the picture to access it.

Camera 1

Camera 2

Camera 3

Camera 4

Camera 5

Camera 6

Camera 7

Camera 8

Camera 9

Camera 10

Camera 11

Camera 12

Camera 13


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